Cliff Curtis Named as Lead Male in “Walking Dead” Spin-off

thVBJSGOPXAccording to The Wrap, multi-talented actor, producer, Cliff Curtis will star as the male lead in AMC’s The Walking Dead spin-off. The working title is Cobalt and follows a Hispanic father and son, Sean and Cody Cabrera, a mom with two children, and some other characters.

I first noticed him as Pablo Escobar in Blow, and will never forget him as Smiley in Training Day.  Super sexy and he clan play pretty much any role.

thREV5B67CThe casting call was for a Latino male in his 40s to play Sean Cabrera, which would be Curtis (I guess there weren’t any Latino actors who wanted the part – no offense to Mr. Curtis.). The race/culture of his son, Cody, was not specified in the casting call, so I guess it’s just implied. The other parts weren’t culture specific either: Nancy Tompkins (mom), Nick Tompkins (troubled son), Ashley Tompkins (level headed teenaged daughter), and Andrea Chapman (40 something flower child). Hopefully, they’ll change her name from Andrea, since we already had an Andrea in the original series.

23C37B2100000578-0-image-m-37_1417775320754Aussie actress Alycia Debnam (Into the Storm) is set to play the female lead. Her character’s mom is a guidance counselor and her brother is a drug addict, so I can guess that she’s Ashley Tompkins. Her brother is being played by Frank Dillane (Harry Potter).


Like a feign needing a fix of the latest drug (ok, that might be a little hyperbolic), I am looking forward to this spin-off which is expected to start filming in 2015.

Read The Wrap article here.


Fun Facts about Cliff Curtis:

He was born in Rotorya, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand (bet you thought he was Hispanic.).

He’s from the Te Arawa and Ngati Hauiti tribes and is of Maori descent.

His first feature film was the Piano.

Did I mention he’s super sexy?

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