The Walking Dead Episode 511 – Michonne Pulls Rank

Tonight’s The Walking Dead was no joke!  They have been pulled out of their depression, and are back to “normal.”

Last week, I was ready for Sasha and Maggie to just shoot Aaron on sight.  Well, they didn’t.  Instead they brought him back to the family.


Lil Ass Kicker immediately cries when she sees him.  I thought that was a sign.  When he made the joke about dance auditions, it failed to lighten the mood.  They all looked at him like, “You trying’a make a joke boy?”

As Aaron’s talking, making his case about why they should join him, OG Rick snuffs him, and no one blinks an eye (don’t you just love the family?).

The Walking Dead

Michonne thinks Aaron means well. Rick automatically assumes he’s setting them up. Carol wasn’t going for it either.


Michonne tries to convince Rick that Aaron may possess the possibility of a place to raise Judith.  Rick says, “Your way’s dangerous.  Mine isn’t.”  but then Michonne pulls rank and says they need to go check things out instead of plan A, which would be that Rick kills Aaron.


Aaron took way too long to eat the applesauce.

The family splits up between two cars.  While Michonne, Rick and Glen are driving with Aaron to the rendezvous, Aaron admits to listening to their convos, plus he has all of those license plates, then they literally run into a horde,  they get out of the car, get but in, then the freaking car doesn’t start (why they turned it off in the first place, I don’t know), and then the flair goes off…. Shit! Shit! Shit!

Aaron knocks Michonne over escaping the car.  Rick, Michonne and Glen scatter into the woods.  Glen comes across Aaron and saves him.  Then the two of them save Rick and Michonne. OMG! It was so full of action.


They lost the other car with the rest of the family, but then they all meet up, and we find out that Aaron has a boyfriend named Eric, who seems decent enough.  He says he likes Maggie with so much hope that I think maybe they aren’t trying to hurt the family.  But there’s still the people at the actual compound they are headed to.  Just because Aaron and Eric might be cool, doesn’t mean the people at the compound will be.

I still don’t trust the situation.  I’m on Rick’s side with this one.  After Woodbury and Terminus I don’t trust anyone.

Michonne, and the rest of the family seem to be ready to trust.  I guess at some point you just get so tired of running, and fighting that any hope of a reprieve sounds good.

I got happy too when they saw the Washington Monument, though I’m not sure why, because it’s not like it necessarily means safety.

The Walking Dead

They get to the compound.  Sasha expertly kills a walker just outside of the compounds walls.  Rick looks a little cray cray, holding his baby, and his gun – all in all it was a pretty great episode.

The Walking Dead

Is all of that beard hair giving Rick a lisp?  In any case, he delivered some great lines tonight, like, “Just because we’re good people, doesn’t mean we won’t kill you,” and,  “This… this is ours now.” My apocalypse husband, Daryl, had a great line too, “Nobody gives a shit.”

My question is (as it has been) where is Morgan?  And when are Rick and Michonne gonna get it on already?  I mean, she’s been on The Walking Dead for how long now?  Get it on already!

The Talking Dead

The Talking Dead

Danai Gurira aka Michonne was a guest on The Talking Dead, along with director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, The Heat).


Danai is a playwright. Awesome! She even hired Aaron, Ross Marquand to star in her play, Familiar, which just closed at the Yale Repertory Theater.

As Chris Hardwick pointed out, the glimmer-of-hope person always gets it.  In this episode, that was Michonne.  They better not kill Michonne off.  If they do, we riot!

Paul said Michonne is his favorite character, and assured us he wasn’t saying that just because she was sitting there.  I believe him.  Maybe because she’s mine too.

I laughed when Chris said, “You upset the baby, now you get to meet the beard,” in regard to Judith’s crying.  He has some really funny moments.  I also liked his little Alf impersonation.

I just love this show! Keep it coming!  I say that as if someone on The Walking Dead staff will read this and say, “Ok, just for you we will keep it coming.” LOL!

Thank you for reading!



2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Episode 511 – Michonne Pulls Rank

  1. I believe Aaron is straightforward, but that’s unfair coming from the perspective of someone whose read the comics. Rick has every reason in the world to be suspicious, yes. He doesn’t want Alexandria to be another Terminus or Woodbury, but as Michonne pointed out, their group has taken on its fair share of odd folks: they took her, took Tara even though she was in cahoots with the Governor when Hershel lost his head, accepted Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita even though the three could have posed a threat…if they can take accept newcomers, it’s not a stretch that people would accept them in the same vein. Plus, bit of a dick move for Rick to try and keep Aaron and Eric separate when he did tell the truth about being with just one person, the cars, and the fact that they’re both unarmed and Eric himself has a broken ankle.

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    1. Thank you for commenting! I haven’t read the entire series, on purpose, because I like to be surprised by the show. But I am going to post a spoiler about their new home, and I see that Aaron is straightforward as you say. Unless the show decides to deviate from the comic.


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