“The Walking Dead” Episode 513: Carol is the Boogey Man

I’m feeling really ambiguous about tonight’s The Walking Dead. I’m just so emotionally tied to the characters, it’s kind of ridiculous. thCQ1RYEWO

In the opening scene Sasha gets a gun to go shooting. The woman running the canteen, Olivia, asks to get the leg if she shoots a boar. I love the way Sasha looked at her, like, “A boar? FOH!”

Rick, Carol, and Daryl meet up to plot on getting some weapons from the canteen. Carol takes out a walker that has a ‘W’ carved in its forehead. I can’t wait to see what that’s all about.

Next we see Michonne looking in the mirror wearing her cops uniform. It made me smile, because I’m happy that she’s happy. Even though she expressed her doubts with Rick, for the most part she seems at ease. Well, as at ease as she can be during the zombie apocalypse. I liked when she was talking to Rick about Deanna and they acknowledge how smart she is. Rick says, “Smart for then or smart for now?” and Michonne says, “This is now.” th (3)

Aaron and Daryl’s blossoming relationship is interesting. But that’s what the zombie apocalypse does, it brings people together who otherwise would remain strangers. I’ve said this before; that’s one of my favorite things about zombie movies, books and shows – the comradery of strangers.

My next favorite line of the episode was when Aaron says, “People are people. The more afraid they get, the more stupid they get.” That is so very true.

When they came across the horse, I really wanted them to leave it alone. It was doing just fine out there by itself. It didn’t need to be harnessed and belong to someone. When the walkers came while they were trying to trap it, was I the only one that screamed, “Run horsey! Run!”? I was pissed when the walkers got the horse. Though, I did wonder, how the heck did they catch him? All that space, and they managed to trap a horse? That was a little unbelievable. Yeah, yeah, I know the whole zombie thing is unbelievable, but that part was like really unbelievable. No way a horse gets caught by walkers in an open field.thZ45453FQ

Deanna’s craving to return to normality is off-putting to me. She wants government, industry, commerce. I can’t say that I would personally want to go back to the way things were. That’s not the only way things have to be. Leave money out of it. I bet money is somehow responsible for the whole outbreak in the first place. Someone’s greed. Stick with a barter system and farming. We met her husband tonight too. He actually seems cool.

Carol is killing me! Of course she plays being sweet really well, because just a few seasons ago, she was sweet.   They have no idea who she is. Thus proving, you never know who you’re dealing with. You never know what someone has done, or what they are capable of. When Tobin asks, “You afraid of guns ma’am?” I chuckled. He says he’ll teach her how to use a gun, as she kindly unlocks the window for her scheme to steal guns.

The family is super uncomfortable at Deanna’s dinner party. As they should be. It’s weird to do something so civil, during such an uncivil time. The people there are just oblivious to the real world. The whole thing is like a microcosm of what it’s like living in the western world, while the real world is still out there. War, famine, disease, it’s all out there, while we are behind our wall of protection.

At the party, when Jessie introduces Rick to her husband, who leaves her with Rick, to refill his drink, Rick kind of had this look on his face that made me think, he was thinking, “I’m gonna kill your husband and take my prize.”

Deanna’s son Spencer kind of flirts with Sasha and Sasha is just not in the state of mind for anyone to talk to her period. As she proves later when she yells at the woman asking her about her favorite meal.

Aaron invites Daryl to have dinner with him and Eric. I liked seeing Daryl eat the spaghetti. And it was pretty cool that Aaron and Eric had that bike that Daryl can refurbish. He seemed like his eyes got misty when tells him how capable he is, and that’s why he wants him to be a scout.


Abraham and Michonne had the, we-are-former-soldiers conversation, out on the porch of the party. Meanwhile, Carol sneaks into the canteen, and gets a few guns. Jessie’s son follows her hoping she was going to make cookies. HA! Carol threatens him so bad, I almost got scared. She became the boogie monster.

I would say Sasha is suffering from PTSD, but just outside of those walls, the world that’s haunting her is still very much there. So, it’s no post traumatic, because the trauma is still there. How can she be concerned about her favorite meal when her boyfriend, her brother, and who knows who else, has been taken from her? I feel so bad for Sasha. She needs to be crazy.

Was I the only one pissed about Rick kissing Jessie? Rick like gives no fucks about her husband. I wasn’t mad at Rick.  I was mad at Jessie for flirting with Rick. th

The next day, Carol Brings the guns out to Rick and Daryl. Daryl refuses the gun. Meanwhile, Michonne literally puts her sword up. The family is feeling a little too at ease for me.

In the last scene, Rick had that “I’ll take her,” look in his eye again, when Jessie and her husband pass him by, the next morning. And this time he kind of reaches for his gun. I also don’t like that he has that ‘A’ on his hand now.

The Walking Dead was really good tonight, but, I don’t know. It was a little too good. I’m really nervous about some of the family’s willingness to be normal and stay in Alexandria.

What do you think?

And, how many times am I gonna have to ask, where is Morgan?

Thank you for reading!



One thought on ““The Walking Dead” Episode 513: Carol is the Boogey Man

  1. Rick is the true animal now but the leader of the place. She is a little too laid back. They need someone like rick. How you have a sniper tower with a gun and no one in it. Carol and darly even though he has shown a softer side are going stay the same. Sasha unstable she going get herself or someone else killed. Everyone else is getting soft.


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