The Walking Dead EP 516: MORGAN! MORGAN! MORGAN!

OMG!!! The Walking Dead season finale was EVERYTHING!!! I can’t even go through it all.  I didn’t think I was going to get to see it but I was, and I am so glad I did not miss this!

We got Morgan back!!! WOOHOO!!! And he’s like an amazing martial artist – who knew? He’s like the fist of the north star. When he saved Daryl and Aaron I screamed.

I actually screamed several times during this episode.  When Daryl and Aaron got caught up with the zombies.  When Pete kills Reg! WTF?  It’s always the good, sweet, and kind that get it in the neck.  He was killed just like Hershel, and he was very Hershel like.  When Nicolas shoots Glen, I almost fell out of my chair.  Then when the walkers attack Glen, I screamed again.

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When Daryl took out the three walkers with the one-chain-blow, I yelled, ‘WOOOO!” That might be the most amazing zombie kill ever.

I yelled at the screen when Father Gabriel left the gate open.  There he was being selfish again.  First he locked his flock out to let them be devoured by the walkers, now, he leaves the gate open so walkers can come in.  I was rooting for Sasha to end him, but I knew she wouldn’t.  I am glad that Maggie stepped in.  I don’t want his death on Sasha’s conscience.


I also yelled at the screen when Glen was poised to shoot Nicolas in the head, but didn’t.  I think that was the best decision, because he’s another one who I wouldn’t want to have to deal with that weight.

When Rick brought his kill to the meeting, and just dropped it down in front of everyone I was so glad.  These people just seemed to be under an illusion, and he brought the truth straight home to them, then gave them a dope ass motivational speech.


When Deanna turns to Rick and gives her blessing for him to kill Pete, I actually thought that it was for him to shoot Reg in the head, before he turned.

I didn’t scream when Sasha lied with the walkers in the pit.  I just cocked my head.

To round out the show, Tara woke up (YES!), Michonne put her Katana on her back (YES YES!), and Morgan is reunited with Rick (YES YES YES!).

And of course, there was the line of the night “I want my dish back clean, when you’re done.” Carol just after she threatens Pete’s life.

Lennie James, Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride, were all on The Talking dead.  I love Ms. McBride’s hair by the way.

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Lennie James disclosed that it was such a secret when he did the “Clear” episode, that he had to stay in a bed and breakfast outside of Atlanta, instead of where the rest of the cast normally stays, and the owners as well as a gust had to sign confidentiality agreements.  I take the show seriously, but cheesus rice!  I don’t take it that seriously.  I really would’ve been pissed off if I was the guest.

This 90 minute The Walking Dead season finale was the absolute best!  I can’t even get all the details out of my brain right now.  Season 6 is going to be AMAZING!  What am I going to do with my Sundays until next season?

I’m about to watch it again!

Thank you for reading!



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