Damn “Gotham” is Good!

I tried. I really tried to not watch any of the new episodes of Gotham. I wanted to let them all pile up and binge watch it, like I did the first half of the season. But today… today I gave in and watched last Monday’s episode, and OMG it was so good!  Gotham keeps delivering.


Fish Mooney broke out of jail, but was shot in the stomach. Commissioner Loeb set up Det. Gordon to be stalked by a serial killer. The Penguin has the spot where he wants to kill Don Maroni. Baby Batman found out who hired Reggie Payne to kill Alfred. And Baby Catwoman killed him! WHAT???

It was so good.

Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett makes the show for me. Fish Mooney is an amazing character, and she plays the ish outta her! Plus, she looks gorgeous in every scene. She needs a comic ASAP! I’m so ready to collect the Fish Mooney series.Fish Mooney

This show is so many levels of awesome that it’s hard to stay away. I’m really going to try to not watch next week’s Gotham. I really want the treat of binge watching it.

Did you watch this week’s ep? What did you think?

Thank you for reading!



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