Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix: So Much More than I Expected

I’ve never been a Daredevil fan. Nothing was wrong with the comic, it just didn’t connect with me for whatever reasons. So, I wasn’t planning on watching Netflix’s Daredevil series anytime soon. That was, until a friend mentioned how much he enjoyed it. I gave it a chance, and I think I’m in love!

Daredevil, reminds me of a more realistic Batman. Their biggest difference is that Daredevil’s poor, while Batman’s rich.   They both learned how to be exceptional humans without superhero powers. Batman uses his fighting skills along with cool gadgets he can create with his unending line of money, while Daredevil uses his fighting skills and heightened senses, which he got from radiation posing.   There’s a twenty-five year difference between the two, and Daredevil, is more of a commentary on the social issues of the times. The times having been the ’60s, with radiation scares, Vietnam, and ever increasing financial crimes.

The Netflix show makes me want to read Daredevil ASAP! This show is full of awesomeness.

It stars three of my favorite actors, Vondi Curtis-Hall (who’s also a director), as Ben Urich,

daredevil Vondi Curtis Hall

Rosario Dawson, as Claire Temple,

daredevil rosario dawson

and Vincent D’onofrio who shines as Wilson Fisk.

vincent d'onofrio

Fisk, aka, Kingpin,  is a complicated character, and D’onofrio is great at complicated. Fisk’s sensitivity, makes him crazy. He aims to do the right thing, but his version of right makes him a world evil. D’onofrio makes you feel just enough sadness for his character to understand where he’s coming from, but still allows you to hate him. The expressions he makes during certain scenes are just magic. He’s flexing his chops in this role and I’m glad I’m getting to see it.


The cast is superb and they all fit their roles seamlessly. Netflix has done a fantastic job bringing this Marvel classic to the small screen. This is coming from a Daredevil skeptic. I highly recommend this to any fans of comic books, superhero lore, or just anyone who wants to watch a great action packed show. The fight scenes are bananas! The story is tight, and the characters are authentic.

Now this post isn’t all ass-kissery. There are some moments where I’m able to properly suspend my disbelief, but they are very few. Overall, it’s a cool show and I can’t wait for the second season.


Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix gets 5 of 5 CGW stars.

Have you seen it? What did you think?

Thank you for reading!


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